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Our  names  are  Craig   and  Marcela  Fite.   As  a  fertility  challenged  couple,  we  
understand  the  frustration  and  experience  of  trying  to  conceive a child.
We  looked  into  IVF,  but  found  the $10,000  to $15,000 for a  single try  out of our
price range. We read of couples in our situation travelling  to  have  the procedure
done.  Most  of  the mentioned countries were either Middle Eastern or Third  World.
None of these were appealing to us.
On  our  annual trip  to The Czech Republic to visit Marcela's  family, we discovered  
how inexpensive IVF  is there. When  we discovered  we could  have  IVF  in  a  new  
and  modern  clinic  for  under $2,500 , we decided to  try  to help others with similar
We  will  arrange  your appointments  at the clinic, help you  find accommodations to  
suit your needs, pick you  up  at the  airport,  drive  you  to  your  appointment,  and
translate your medical information. We'll also give you travel tips on how to save
money on calling your family in the US, places to visit while in Czech, best exchange
rate in the area and help you check into cheapest airfare.

We   sincerely   thank  you   for  your  interest  and   hope  you   find  our  website
informative. Please contact us with any questions.

Craig and Marcela Fite
Welcome to IVF Vacation
How it all started?
We went on our first IVF Vacation with clients in January 2006. At that time we started our IVF treatment. We were very
happy with the care and level of communication the clinic in Zlin provided us and all of our clients. Two weeks after the
treatment we found out that we were pregnant with twins. We were thrilled.
We went for our next trip with 12 clients at the end of May 2006.The trip was planned for 6 weeks. Marcela was 5 months
pregnant and was doing great. The trip went great. The weather was gorgeous and the clients really enjoyed taking trips
together and hanging out every day-shopping, spa treatments, walks, sight seeing. We had clients traveling all over Czech
as well as to Germany, Austria, Poland and Hungary. Everybody was very pleased with Dr. Anna and the rest of the staff at
the clinic. (See our testimonials) Marcela was monitored at the clinic on a regular basis and we loved to watch our babies
get bigger on 3D ultrasound. We were told on one of the doctors visits, two weeks before our departure, that Marcela's
cervix was starting to open a bit and she was put on a bed rest. It was the 25th week of pregnancy and due to being so
early the doctor was concerned and advised us to stay in Czech and deliver the babies there. We decided to follow the
Doctors advice. The head of the clinic recommended an excellent specialist to monitor the babies weekly. After 10 long
weeks of bed rest we were finally ready to have the babies. We were both admitted to the hospital and our babies were
born two days later by a scheduled C-section. They were born on Wednesday 9.6.2006 at 8:30 AM 4 minutes apart The
first one was Jennifer Marie and right behind was Nicole Linda. Jennifer was 6lbs 20 inches while Nicole was 5lbs 19 inches.
We stayed at the hospital for two weeks after the delivery, to make sure that we were all healthy.
All and all we and our clients were very impressed with the level of care given in The Czech Republic. As of January 2011
we have had more than 350 clients travel with us. We would love for you to be our next success story.
Craig and Marcela week before the births.
Jennifer and mommy.
Baby Nicole.
So far we had  helped into this world  150 babies and we have at least 15 due. The number 15 is the smallest because
we just had one couple return from Czech and they are waiting for the result of their pregnancy test and two just
found out they are pregnant and don't know for sure if it's a single or a twin pregnancy.

Jeff and Sylvia from Texas had their baby girl on December 27th 2011, her name is Sara and although she was born
prematurely she is doing great. We are sending our prayers and you have our support!

More birth announcements of our clients who took IVF Vacation and pictures of their
precious babies